What Can MY Business or Organization DO To Help?

WHY Should I care and WHAT can MY business or organization DO to help?

For a PDF brochure describing how you can participate, click here…Scenic Byway stakeholder brochure

Just what IS the Bold Coast Scenic Byway?

The Bold Coast Scenic Byway is a 125-mile driving route through coastal Washington County that offers an opportunity to experience the beauty, culture, history, and recreational opportunities of Downeast Maine. The route extends from Milbridge eastward along the coast to Lubec, and then scoops around Cobscook Bay to Eastport.  The Byway is the strand that connects all the pearls… those special places, histories, cultures, people, and businesses that make this region unique.

But why even bother to designate the route as a Scenic Byway?

The main goal for Byway designation is to promote economic development in coastal Washington County by encouraging tourism that celebrates and supports the Washington County way of life.

The Bold Coast Scenic Byway was officially designated as a Maine Scenic Byway on June 8, 2011. Designation of the Byway can promote economic development in the following ways:

  • By introducing visitors to the unique beauty, solitude, and rejuvenating qualities of the landscape;
  • By providing access to the numerous recreational opportunities;
  • By sparking curiosity about the people, culture, and history of the region; and
  • By enticing patrons to local businesses and community events and celebrations.

The goal is to draw and retain enough visitors to the area that existing businesses can be well supported and new businesses may be created.

How does this help ME?

Benefits of being a Byway Stakeholder include, in part:

  • Mutually promote and partner with other Byway stakeholder businesses and organizations to strengthen customer service offerings and expand market area;
  • Stay informed of current activities, issues, efforts, events;
  • Meet fellow entrepreneurs, share ideas and challenges, and get inspired!
  • Participate in the positive, directed growth of your community;

But what can I actually DO to participate?

You can help achieve the underlying goals of the Byway effort in any of these ways:

  • Join community gatherings to discuss economic development topics;
  • Explore creative opportunities for your business to offer personal, interactive visitor experiences;
  • Participate in locally offered business development and training opportunities;
  • Promote your business as being a part of the Bold Coast Byway community, and create links between your business and other byway businesses;
  • Partner with the Maine Office of Tourism or similar organizations to entice travel writers to sample Downeast offerings;
  • Welcome visitors to the region as if they were your own friends and family coming to your home, and help create for them the best experience possible.

Little and not-so-little things you can do to help right away:

  • “Like” the Bold Coast Scenic Byway on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/BoldCoastScenicByway), and share your photos, stories and events that help describe the Bold Coast region;
  • Explore the Bold Coast Scenic Byway planning website (https://boldcoastplan.wordpress.com/), provide your feedback and suggestions, and keep up with information on topics such as local markets; proposed infrastructure improvements, locations, design, financing, and maintenance; promotional and partnering efforts; and long-term management organization, and learn about upcoming public meetings;
  • Designate a liaison or contact person from your business or organization who we can inform of upcoming planning, development, and promotion efforts;
  • If and when possible, volunteer time for attending meetings, conducting research, organizing groups, brainstorming ideas, and other necessary aspects of the effort;
  • List your business with the Maine Office of Tourism, New Brunswick Tourism, Downeast and Acadia Regional Tourism, your local Chamber office, Sunrise County Economic Council, and others;
  • Evaluate your marketing materials and update them where possible to showcase the culture, history, and unique opportunities of the region as well as the relationship between your business or service and the Bold Coast Scenic Byway;
  • Evaluate your services or products and think about how you can enhance them to offer an even more unique, personal, Downeast experience that allows the visitor to “get their hands dirty” and that tells our unique stories.

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